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Swedish Rapture $75

Evoke fantasies of pure tranquility as you climb the mountain to serenity. Our special blend of aroma oils and soothing massage techniques will relax muscles, increase circulation and quiet nerves. (50 min.)


Duel Decadence $85

Treat yourself to a total dance of mind and body as you reach the ultimate state of utopia. This nurturing Accupressure/Reflexology tango calms first the exterior and then the interior renewing your energy and clarifying the mind. (50 min.)


Melting Muscles $105

You haven't massaged until you've massaged our way. Combining great hands, Japanese yin/yang elements, aromatherapy and an extra dose of secret detox weapon number 5; this massage goes beyond relaxation. (90 min.)


All massages are scheduled with licensed and professional massage therapist.

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