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Tantalizing Tips 

30 min - $25​​

Who would have thought a hand treatment could be so mouth watering as we treat you first to your choice of Milk & Honey or Papaya & Green Tea spa bowl soak - you can even live dangerous and mix them up. Then it's time for our sensuous aromatherapy paraffin wrap, an elbow to fingertip massage and the final three stages of total tips: trimming, taming and teasing color.

Fab Fingers 

15 min - $15​​


It's all in the touch. First we prime your hands with antibacterial spray and our soothing hot towel pat down. Then sit back and enjoy an invigorating citrus soak followed by nail shaping and cuticle therapy, our elbow to fingertip massage and a final polish. 


Heavenly Hands 

45 min - $35

A little ambrosia for the hands is always well deserved and this treatment is sure to satisfy your every desire. Start off with an aromatherapy spa soak before moving onto sublime utopia with our citrus crystal exfoliation, mineral enhancing mask, paraffin treatment with heated gloves and a divine elbow to fingertip massage. Then we'll crème drench, style and paint your assets to rapturous bliss. 

Keeping On The Run (Manicure & Pedicure Combined)
45 min - $30

Our ultra quick mani/pedi combo is perfect for those times when every minute counts. You still get a mini aromatherapy soak; nail shaping, cuticle maintenance and color.

Gels Nails
60 - 90 min 


Clear            $20

One Color   $35

Glitter          $40

French         $40

Gradation   $40

Additional Each color or Glitter $5 and up


Indulge in gel nails, a new and improved nail strengthener that is polished on and soaked off with minimal nail damage. Natural looking polish last for 2 to 3 weeks without chipping or peeling, leaving your nails looking natural.

Other Services


Cuticle Care                      $10

Hand Massage                 $5 

Polish Change Regular   $10

Gradation or French        $5

Gel Top Coat                     $20

Acrylic Removal                $6



Additional Design


Paint $3/Each                   3D $5/Each


Be sure to ask about our private pamper parties.

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