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Basic Manicure

30 min - $15


It's all in the touch. We prime your hands with antibacterial spray and our soothing hot towel pat down. Then sit back and enjoy an invigorating citrus soak followed by nail shaping and cuticle therapy, our elbow to fingertip massage and a final matte finish polish for men. 


The Deluxe Manicure

45 min - $25


Your choice of a hand treatment as we treat your hand to either a Milk & Honey or Papaya & Green Tea spa bowl soak. Then it's time for our aromatherapy paraffin wrap, an elbow to fingertip massage and the final three stages of total tips: trimming, taming and matte polish. 


Ultimate Hand Treatment

45 min - $35


A little ambrosia for the hands is always well deserved…we start off with an aromatherapy spa soak before moving onto sublime utopia with our citrus crystal exfoliation, mineral enhancing mask, paraffin treatment with heated gloves and a divine elbow to fingertip massage. Then we'll crème drench, style and a matte polish. 


The Basic Pedicure

45 min - $25


The ultra quick mani/pedi combo is perfect for those times when every minute counts. You still get a mini aromatherapy soak; nail shaping, cuticle maintenance and matte polish or buff finish. 


The Deluxe Pedicure

50 min - $35


Our goal is to indulge with this classic pedicure. Delight your feet in an aromatherapy soak followed by exfoliation, nail shaping, eucalyptus cooling gel, massage and matte polish. 


Sensational Feet Pedicure

60 min - $45


Skin Couture’s TLC treatment is going to prune, pamper and polish you to perfection. Includes all the basics plus a nourishing eucalyptus, peppermint & tea tree mineral mask, cucumber exfoliation and paraffin treatment. 


Corn & Callous Combat Pedicure

75 min - $55


Our secret weapon is sure to cure even the worst of conditions. This cornucopia of combat agents includes an intensive layering callus eliminator, paraffin treatment and step-by-step therapy to promote healthier, happy feet.


The Ultimate Pedicure

75 min - $65


We call it the first-class facial for the feet! You are in for the super deluxe foot fetish as we treat you to all the basics plus a special mineral mask, cucumber heel therapy, violet sea salt glow followed by hot towel removal, reflexology massage and a final paraffin treatment with thermal heated booties. It's delectable, it's delightful, and it's just like walking on air. 

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